// Commissariat à l énergie atomique et aux énergie alternatives (CEA)

Liaison to SDO and industry (WP 5)

Sebastién Rosini

Existing international standards are having substantial influence on different aspects of fuel cell testing. In this context, the IEC 62282-2 standard for fuel cell modules needs to be mentioned explicitly. Since the U.S. and Japan are very active in developing national and international standards, particular emphasis will be given to the work carried out in these countries.

Within this WP, a collection of relevant international and national standards will be established and analyzed with respect to PEM fuel cell stack testing. Issues of importance for the technical work groups of international standard organizations will be reflected in the technical work packages and vice versa. With this approach, mutual benefits can be achieved and results from pre-normative research can directly influence the international standardization work

An industrial advisory group consisting of key industrial stakeholders involving OEM from the automotive as well as from the power generation sector, fuel cell system integrators, stack manufacturers and component manufactures will be established. 


  • Analysis of international standards with respect to PEM fuel cell stack testing
  • Contribution to the technical working groups in international standard organizations
  •  Proposition to IEC TC 105 of a new working item proposal on stack test methods for polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC)
  •  Liaise with international standard developing organizations
  •  Provide technical expertise to the technical work groups
  • Harmonize technical work in the project with international standard organizations
  • Gap analysis of international standardization with regard to fuel cell stack testing
  •  Preparation of new work item proposals for PEM stack testing if considered appropriate
  • Disseminate project results
  • Form and liaise with an industrial advisory group

 A final public workshop will be held to create awareness and to collect feedback before finalizing the test modules and drafting the NWIP.