Commissariat à l énergie atomique et aux énergie alternatives (CEA)

Specification and procurement of samples (WP 6)

Sebastién Rosini

Although the partners will preferentially use stack hardware available in their laboratories for validation of the test modules and test programs, reference stacks will be specified and built mainly for round robin experiments. In this task the specifications for stacks addressing the relevant applications will be worked out. The task will also include the selection of reference materials.


  • Specification of test samples to be characterized
  • Procurement of sample stacks
  • Post test analysis

Based on the defined specifications, stack hardware will be provided to those partners who are involved in procedure validation and round robin testing. Stacks designed and built at the research organizations CEA and ZSW will be subject to a post test analysis particularly to identify the effects of individual test procedures to the components. The post test analysis results will assist the definition of meaningful lifetime tests.

For post test analysis, the stacks provided shall be returned to the respective manufacturer for disassembly and inspection of active materials.